Assignment #1

To blog means to write online about anything you would like to which, most of the time is opinion based. To blog is to write about anything that you feel like voicing your opinion on with out having to fact check or cite sources for that matter. Blogging is different from other forms of writing because all the writing rules you’ve learned over the years in English classes and such are thrown out of the window and do not matter. Blogging is like having an online journal. Unlike writing an article , novel or book revisions are not mandatory, the work does not have to go through an editor or anything. Anyone can be a blogger with out any kind of writing skill.

The following blogs focus on statistics: AnnMaria’sBlog- and AnnMaria’sBlog more so reflects on statistics, mathematics, and technology. AnnMaria’sBlog blogs daily. Statsblog focuses  on statistics and data visualization. This blog focuses on stats dealing with medical research, sports, and projections for pretty much anything. statsBlog is interesting because of all the wide range of categories it covers. one in particular is the Hall of Fame voting projections for this year candidates..Statsblog also blogs daily. is a blog catered more to economics, international economics to be exact. Zerohedge is interesting because it deals with international topics such as the Italian bailout and etc. Which all has to deal with our economy here in America. .